The Road Ahead for GHSA

Photo Credit: Alaine Knipes, CDC

Photo Credit: Alaine Knipes, CDC

Though significant progress has been made, the world must continue to come together as a global community to strengthen the capabilities to prevent and detect global health threats posed by infectious diseases–whether natural, deliberate, or accidental–and to respond quickly to minimize harm when they do occur. CDC remains committed to efforts to advance global health security, including through the next phase of GHSA, known as “GHSA 2024,” and through the U.S. Global Health Security Strategy.

GHSA 2024 aims to facilitate multisectoral work toward sustainable and measurable advances in health security. GHSA 2024’s target is for countries to take greater ownership of global health security efforts, and for more than 100 countries to improve health-security-related technical areas within five years. CDC is a major contributor to and leader of the U.S. Government’s commitment to this next phase of GHSA.

The U.S. Global Health Security Strategy reaffirms the U.S. Government’s commitment to accelerate countries’ abilities to prevent, detect, and respond to disease outbreaks. It underscores the importance of global health security for national security and biodefense. CDC remains a critical U.S. Government agency in the efforts to ensure global health security and domestic preparedness. CDC works closely with other U.S. Government agencies to ensure a unified U.S. Government approach.

Everyone remains vulnerable until the world can rapidly identify and contain public health threats. CDC stands ready to support global health security and continues to work toward a world safe and secure from emerging and re-emerging health threats. Diseases won’t stop, and neither can we.

Page last reviewed: September 17, 2019
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