Message from the Director

CDC’s global health work has a clear mission: to protect and improve health globally through science, policy, partnerships, and evidence-based public health action.

By ensuring that countries can prevent, detect, and respond to health threats within their borders, the Center for Global Health (CGH) helps prevent regional and global health crises that affect health, security, and economic stability abroad and at home. These interventions effectively target specific diseases and populations, which save lives, improve health outcomes, and foster healthy populations globally. Our world-renowned public health science leadership has a measurable, proven health impact on eliminating health disparities and achieving optimal health worldwide. CDC improves health equity and reaches those in greatest need through its global programs.

CDC’s work in mitigating risk and saving lives through its global health engagement is longstanding and effective. Yet the measure of success in public health is best determined by the things that can’t be seen – the fact that people aren’t getting sick, the absence of fear, and the knowledge that the talents and tools are in place to quickly and decisively detect health threats and to defeat them.

Highlighting the work and contributions of our staff and partners around the world are the primary goals of this report – the progress we realized, and why it matters in the countries where we work and to Americans at home and abroad.

I am proud of the impact and results that we achieved in 2017. This report highlights how dedicated staff, including scientists, epidemiologists, laboratorians, public health advisors, and countless other highly-trained experts played critical roles immunizing children at risk, have pressed forward the fight against HIV and tuberculosis (TB), lead efforts to control malaria, Zika, and many other dangerous diseases that still afflict far too many people, and strengthened public health systems for a strong foundation against future health threats.

There is ample evidence that our work in 2017 saved lives and made Americans safer by ensuring the world as a whole is more prepared and better equipped to stop disease threats at the earliest possible moment.

This report provides a portrait of our priorities and results, and how CGH, like CDC at large, continues to put science into action to implement proven, life-saving programs that protect people against threats to their health.

We continue to work 24/7 to prevent diseases, to detect outbreaks early to stop them at their source, and to respond rapidly to emerging public health threats and emergencies to keep America and the world healthy, safe, and secure.

As John F. Kennedy said, “The time to build a roof is not when it is raining.”

Rebecca Martin, PhD
Director, Center for Global Health

Dr Rebecca Martin, PhD

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