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Dr. Rebecca Martin – Global Health Publications


U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and its Partners’ Contributions to Global Health Security.
Tappero, JT, Cassell CH, Bunnell R, Angulo FJ, Craig A, Pesik N, Dahl BA, Ijazz K, Jafari H, and Martin R.
Emerging Infectious Diseases 2017; Volume 23, Supplement Issue: S5-S14.

Control of Japanese encephalitis in Asia: the time is now.
Hills S, Martin R, Marfin A, Fischer M.
Expert Review of Anti Infective Therapy. 2014 Aug; 12(8): 901-904.

Seroepidemiology of diphtheria and tetanus among children and young adults in Tajikistan: Nationwide population-based survey, 2010.
Khetsuriani N, Zakikhany K, Jabirov S, Martin, RM.
Vaccine 2013, 31(42).

Lessons learnt from pandemic A(H1N1) 2009 influenza vaccination. Highlights of a European workshop in Brussels (22 March 2010).
Hanquet G, Van Damme P, Brasseur D, Martin RM, Neels P.
Vaccine 2010, 29(3): 370-7.

Guidelines for Conducting HIV Sentinel Serosurveys among Pregnant Women and Other Groups.
Martin RM, Murrill CS, Calleja T.
UNAIDS/03.49E 2003.

Guidelines for Using HIV Testing Technologies in Surveillance: Selection, Evaluation, and Implementation.
Martin RM, Murrill CS.
WHO/UNAIDS and CDC 2001.

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Years of Immunization at CDC, 1966-2105.
Mast EE, Cochi SL, Kew OM, Cairns KL, Bloland PB, and Martin R. Fifty
Public Health Reports 2017; Volume 132(I): 18-26.

Zika Virus —10 Public Health Achievements in 2016 and Future Priorities.
Oussayef NI, Pillai SK, Honein M, Martin RM, Jameson DJ et. al.
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 2017, 65(52).

CDC’s Strategic Framework for Global Immunization, 2016-2020.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
May 2016

Immunization in Europe.
Salisbury D, Martin RM, Lopalco P.
Plotkin’s Vaccines 6th Edition. Plotkin S, Orenstein, W, and Offitt P. 2012 Oct; Chapter 68: 1334-1352.

Addressing vaccine-preventable diseases in areas with high coverage in the European Region: thematic movements and cumulative moments.
Martin RM.
SAGE 2010.

European Immunization Week goes viral.
Martin R, Nørgaard O, Lazarus.
Eurosurveillance 2009; 14(16) – Article 1.

Comparison of Two Survey Methodologies to Assess Vaccination Coverage.
Luman E, Worku A, Berhane Y, Martin R, Cairns L.
International Journal of Epidemiology 2007; Jun; 36(3):633-41.

Estimating the Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) disease burden and the impact of Hib vaccine in Fiji.
Wilson N, Mansoor O, Wenger J, Martin R, Zanardi L, et al.
Vaccine 2003; 21:1907–1912.

Evaluation of Kenya’s 2002 Supplemental and Routine Measles Immunization Activities.
Kenya Ministry of Health, WHO (Rebecca Martin), and CDC.
December 2002.

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The polio endgame: securing a world free of all polioviruses.
Zaffran M, McGovern M, Hossaini R, Martin RM, Wenger J.
The Lancet 6 January 2018 391(10115)

Globally Synchronized Switch – Another Milestone Towards Achieving Polio Eradication.
Wassilak SG, Vertefeuille JF, Martin R.
JAMA Pediatrics. 2016 Oct 1; 170 (10): 927-928.

Challenges of Maintaining Polio-free Status of the European Region.
Khetsuriani N, Pfeifer D, Deshevoi S, Martin RM.
The Journal of Infectious Diseases 2014, 210 suppl 1:5194-207.

The role of older children and adults in wild poliovirus transmission.
Blake IM, Martin RM, Goel A, Grassly NC.
PNAS 2014, 111(29).

Population immunity to polioviruses in the context of a large-scale wild poliovirus type 1 outbreak in Tajikistan 2010.
Khetsuriani N, Pallansch MA, Jabirov S, Martin RM.
Vaccine 2013, 31(42).

World Health Organization Regional Assessments of the Risks of Poliovirus Outbreaks.
Lowther SA, Roesel S, O’Connor P, Martin R.
Risk Analysis April 2013; Volume 33, Issue 4: 664-679.

Synchronized Polio Supplementary Immunization Activities in the Central Asian Republics, Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation.
Huseynov S,Deshevoi S, Jankovic D, Martin RM.

Outbreaks Following Wild Poliovirus Importations — Europe, Africa, and Asia, January 2009–September 2010. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. 2010; 59(43); 1393-1399.

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Nationwide Rubella Epidemic – Japan, 2013.
Tanaka-Taya K, Satoh H, Arai S, Martin RM, et. al.
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. 2013, 62(23): 457-462.

Increased Transmission and Outbreaks of Measles – European Region, 2011.  
Martin RM, Jankovic D, Goel A, Ogbuano I.
JAMA 2012, 307(5): 450-52.

Research priorities for global measles and rubella control and eradication.  
Goodson JL, Chu SY, Rota PA, Martin RM, Strebel P.
Vaccine 2012, 30(32): 4709-16.

What Will It Take to Achieve Measles Elimination in the World Health Organization European Region: Progress From 2003–2009 and Essential Accelerated Actions.
Martin RM, Wassilak S, Emiroglu N, Uzicanin A, Deshevoi S, Jankovic D, Goel A, Khetsuriani N.
Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2011, 204(suppl 1): S325-S334.

Molecular Genotyping and Epidemiology of Measles Virus Transmission in the World Health Organization European Region, 2007–2009.
Mankertz A, Mulder MN, Shulga S, Kremer JR, Brown KE, Santibanez S, Muller CP, Tikhonova N, Lipskaya G, Jankovic D, Khetsuriani N, Martin RM, Gavrilin E.
Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2011, 204 (suppl 1): S335-S342.

Supplementary Immunization Activities to Achieve Measles Elimination: Experience of the European Region.
Khetsuriani N, Deshevoi S, Goel A, Spika J, Martin RM, Emiroglu N.
Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2011 204(suppl 1): S343-S352.

Status of Rubella and Congenital Rubella Syndrome Surveillance, 2005–2009, the World Health Organization European Region.
Zimmerman LA, Muscat M, Jankovic D, Goel A, Bang H, Khetsuriani N, Martin RM.
Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2011, 204(suppl 1): S381-S388.

Impact of unfounded vaccine safety concerns on the nationwide measles-rubella immunization campaign, Georgia, 2008.
Khetsuriani N, Imnadze P, Baidoshvili L, Jabidze L, Tatishili N, Kurtsikashvili G, Lezhava T, Laurent E, Martin R.
Vaccine 2010, Sep 7;28(39):6455-62.

Spotlight on measles 2010: Measles elimination in Europe – a new commitment to meet the goal by 2015.
Steffens I, Martin R, Lopalco PL.
Eurosurveillance 2010; 15(50) – Article 1.

Measles still spreads in Europe: who is responsible for the failure to vaccinate?
Lopalco PL, Martin R.
Eurosurveillance 2010; 15(17) – Article 2.

Prevention of congenital rubella and congenital varicella in Europe.
Martin RM.
Eurosurveillance Bull 2009, 14(14):10.

Are Rubella Surveillance and Reporting Practices Sufficient to Document Progress Toward the 2010 Elimination Goal in the World Health Organization (WHO) European Region (EUR)?
Jankovic D, Martin RM, Muscat M, Zimmerman L.
IDSA 2009.

Approaching measles and rubella elimination in the European.
Martin R, Deshevoi S, Buddha N, Jankovic D.
Eurosurveillance 2009; 1, 14(50) – Article 1.

Surveillance Guidelines for Measles, Rubella and Congenital Rubella Syndrome in the WHO European Region.

Progress Towards Measles Elimination — European Region, 2005—2008.
Martin R, Khetsuriani N, Deshevoi S, Jankovic D, Goel A, S Wassilak.
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 2009; 58(06); 142-145.

Measles Supplemental Immunization Activities Improve Measles Vaccine Coverage and Equity: Evidence from Kenya, 2002.
Vijayraghavan M, Martin R, Sangrujee N, Muchuri S.,
Health Policy 2007; 83(1): 27-36.

Public-health impact of accelerated measles control in the WHO African Region 2000-03.
Otten M, Kezaala R, Fall A, Masresha B, Martin R, Cairns, L, et al.
Lancet 2005; 366: 832-839.

Eritrea Measles and Vitamin A Supplemental Immunization Activities in 2003: Post-Campaign Evaluation Report.
Eritrean Ministry of Health, WHO (Rebecca Martin), UNICEF.
March 2004.

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