Apr. 24, 2017: World Meningitis Day

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Apr. 24, 2017

Spotlighted Topic of the Week: World Meningitis Day

Looking back with pride….Looking ahead with Confidence

In the 1990’s epidemics of meningitis sweeping across the vast span of the African continent known as the “meningitis belt” were claiming hundreds of thousands of lives and there was not much the global public health community was able to do. We all knew that a vaccine for this region was the only way to halt these epidemics—and scientists were working on one…Read blog

A historical overview on eliminating Meningitis in Africa
Serogroup a Meningococcal meningitis

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Meningitis Infographic
Meningitis kills in 24 Hours

On 24th April, World Meningitis Day, remember to ‘Trust Your Instincts’ when it comes to meningitis. Meningitis can kill in 24 hours, so knowing the signs to look out for and acting fast if you spot them is vital. Watch video

Meningitis kills in 24 Hours- Trust Your Instincts
Burkina Faso Begins Routine MenAfriVacTM Immunization

For more than 100 years, 430 million people living in the sub-Saharan Africa meningitis belt have been plagued with epidemic meningitis. The 26 countries in the meningitis belt experience high endemic rates of meningitis, annual seasonal outbreaks, and explosive epidemics every 5–12 years. The size of these epidemics can be enormous and place an immediate and great burden on health systems. Historically, serogroup A caused about 8 out of every 10 cases of meningococcal meningitis in this region…Read story

Burkina Faso Begins Routine MenAfriVac Immunization

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