CDC’s Fight Against Global Tuberculosis

CDC’s Fight Against Global Tuberculosis

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CDC’s Fight Against Global Tuberculosis
2 billion people infected with TB (1/3 of world population)

Every Year:

  • 9..6 million sick with active TB
  • 480,000 new cases of multi-drug resistant TB (MDR TB)
  • 1.5 million deaths

Preventable, treatable, curable

43 million lives saved (2000 – 2014)

Source: WHO, 2015

CDC’s Impact

CDC is working with partners to identify new approaches to improve TB prevention and care worldwide.

  • Developing new strategies to find and cure TB.
  • Strengthening surveillance systems to identify and target hot spots.
  • Transforming the World’s Approach to diagnosing TB among those with HIV.
  • Informing the global roadmap to find, cure and prevent TB in children.
  • Establishing best practices to end TB transmission in health facilities.
  • Leading research to improve treatment for drug-resistant TB.

Division of Global HIV & TB
March 2016

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