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World Malaria Day: Ready to beat Malaria, April 25

Global Malaria

  • 3.2B People: Nearly half of the world’s population is at risk of malaria
  • More than 2/3: of all malaria deaths are in children under 5

In 2018 Worldwide

  • 228M Malaria Cases
  • 405K Malaria Deaths


  • Compared to 2000: Annual number of global malaria deaths cut in half, saving 7 million lives globally since 2001
  • Since 2005: More than 1B Antimalarial treatments (ACTs) and bed nets provided by global partners

CDC’s Impact

  • Providing scientific leadership in elimination science
  • Strengthening surveillance systems to provide data for decision-making
  • Supporting countries to scale up interventions through the President’s Malaria Initiative (with USAID)
  • Evaluation diagnostics, vaccines, and vector control tools to further drive down transmission and burden
  • Monitoring and mitigating threats from drug and insecticide resistance to continued progress
  • Preventing, treating, and tracking malaria in the U.S.
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