World Malaria Day

World Malaria

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World Malaria Day:
Zero Malaria: Draw the Line Against Malaria, April 25

Global Malaria

3.2B People: Nearly half of all people in the world are at risk of getting malaria
More than 2/3 of all malaria deaths are in children under 5 years old

In 2020 Worldwide

  • 241 Million Malaria Cases
  • 627,000 Malaria Deaths


  • Since 2000 annual number of global malaria deaths cut in half, saving 10 million lives globally
  • Since 2005 more than 1 billion treatments for malaria and bed nets provided by global partners

CDC’s Impact

  • Provides scientific leadership and technical assistance to guide countries and partners
  • Improves data quality and accessibility for use in decision making
  • Scales up interventions through the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI)
  • Conducts innovation research to improve malaria testing, treatment, and vaccines, and improves tools that help control mosquitos
  • Helps prevent, treat, and track malaria in the United States
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