Dr. Sergey Diorditsa: STOP 8

Photo credit: A.J. Williams/ CDC

Photo credit: A.J. Williams/ CDC

Before STOP, Dr. Diorditsa was working as a Senior Research Virologist in Russia. After STOP Dr. Diorditsa was hired as a WHO consultant for polio in Ethiopia. He was selected as a WHO Team leader for the EPI team in Bangladesh for 8 years and then as coordinator of all EPI programs in the Western Pacific Region for 6 years up to 2017. In August of 2017, Dr. Diorditsa was named WHO Representative in Mongolia responsible for all WHO technical assistance on health issues in the country.

“I think I have to thank all my supervisors from WHO, Dr. Femi Oyewole and country director Tim Petersen for recognizing my ability to contribute to polio eradication during my assignment to Ethiopia in 2001. It gave me great experience in public health. I learned more about WHO and CDC and was able to grow further in my professional career. STOP changed all my life”.

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