STOP: Data Management Position

General Overview

The STOP program is recruiting qualified applicants to participate in STOP assignments working as data managers. These participants will be deployed through the World Health Organization (WHO), a STOP/CDC partner, to countries requiring support and technical assistance to strengthen polio and other vaccine-preventable disease (VPD) immunization and surveillance activities.

STOP Data Managers will be assigned to work with in-country counterparts on activities that may include the following:

  • Improving data recording and reporting processes for immunization and surveillance data
  • Improving data quality monitoring, evaluation and feedback sharing with data sources
  • Improving data analysis, interpretation and use
  • Building capacity of ministry of health staff for data management and use
  • Improving data sharing with partners and stakeholders

STOP Data Managers must be extremely motivated and flexible individuals, who work well independently and on teams, under difficult conditions, and with people of different cultures.

Position Requirements

The STOP Program is seeking experienced data managers, with extensive experience working within and supporting health information systems, specifically for immunization and VPD surveillance data. In order to qualify, candidates must have:

  • At least 5 years of relevant experience working in the field of immunizations and surveillance data management and an advanced degree in a relevant field, or 10+ years of experience working in the field of immunizations and surveillance data management, specifically in:
    • Data quality improvement
    • Data recording, reporting, analysis, use and monitoring/feedback
    • Training others on data management or conducting capacity building activities for improved data quality
    • Presenting or using data for evidence based decision making or behavior/policy change
  • Fluency in English or French
  • Fluency in a second language desired, particularly Arabic, Portuguese, or Spanish
  • Previous experience working or studying internationally is desired
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