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Videos & Webinars

Global Noncommunicable Disease Videos

Sir Richard Peto on program cover for 9/15/2016 Symposium

Halving Global Cardiovascular Disease Mortality Rates
September 15, 2016
8:45AM - 12:30PM

Featuring Keynote Speaker Sir Richard Peto, Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology at the University of Oxford, Co-Director of the Clinical Trial Service Unit and Epidemiological Studies Unit

Today’s symposium will highlight the growing global burden of CVD and the powerful evidence generated from population-level surveys and studies. The session is structured to explore the leading causes of death, including tobacco use, obesity, diabetes, and hypertension; main risk factors that have a direct impact on CVD morbidity and mortality. Discussion will focus on answering the question—can worldwide rates of premature death from CVD be cut in half?

WEBCAST: Pandemic Financing

	Photo of Dr. Jordan Tappero

The Institutes of Medicine (IOM) recently hosted a webcast on pandemic financing.

View the archived webcast.

RADM Jordan W. Tappero, MD, MPH participated in the session on International Cooperative Action on Pandemics.

Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) Videos

globe with images of diverse people

Field Training Programs Save Lives
Running Time: (3:18)
Release Date: 10/14/2011
Closed Captioned Closed Captioned for the Hearing Impaired

Summary: CDC works with Ministries of Health and other partners to strengthen public health systems and build workforce capacity globally. Through its flagship FETPs, hundreds of residents continue to receive classroom-based instruction and hands-on mentored trainings in surveillance, outbreak investigation, laboratory management program evaluation and other aspects of epidemiology research.

Global Disease Detection Videos

Watch videos highlighting Global Disease Detection work in outbreak response and disease detection and surveillance.