Division of Global Health Protection Fact Sheet

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DGHP masthead with 4 public health images and text: Division of Global Health Protection. Stopping Outbreaks Globally to Protect Americans Locally

Global health protection is about more than one country, one issue, or one pathogen. Many factors affect our health security, including the spread of infectious diseases, increasing drug resistance, and the risk of bioterrorism.

No matter what the cause, the Division of Global Health Protection (DGHP) and its partners across CDC and the globe are working to protect health and save lives.

Global Health Protection Is…

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  • Building dynamic partnerships with ministries of health and other organizations
  • Preparing a global workforce of disease detectives and public health managers
  • Working with countries to understand and solve their leading health challenges
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  • Detecting and identifying infectious diseases and other public health threats
  • Gathering, analyzing, and sharing data in ways that result in fast local action
  • Communicating science to inform policies that can save lives
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  • Working with countries to support a network of public health institutes around the globe
  • Developing cutting-edge laboratory systems that can quickly identify diseases close to the source
  • Strengthening the world’s ability to prevent, detect, and respond to health threats
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  • Monitoring and reporting on health events around the world
  • Preparing countries to quickly meet their own outbreak and investigation needs
  • Standing ready to deploy rapid response teams anywhere in the world when needed

“The health and safety of Americans is inextricably linked to the health and safety of the world. We must make sure every nation is able to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease threats where they occur.”

— CGH Director Rebecca Martin, PhD

For more information: www.cdc.gov/globalhealth/healthprotection

Contact us: dghpcommunication@cdc.gov