CDC's HIV Prevention Programs in South Africa

A Comprehensive Approach

The South African National Blood Service

CDC South Africa supports multiple prevention interventions with a comprehensive approach that includes biomedical and evidence-based behavior change strategies. Biomedically-focused HIV activities include safe medical injections and medical adult male circumcision.

The South African National Blood Service and the Western Province Blood Transfusion Service provides South Africans with adequate and disease-free blood. In 2008, no cases of transfusion-transmitted HIV infection were reported in South Africa. With support from CDC South Africa, the government is working with its partners to ensure prevention messages are technically sound and consistent programs target the general population and most-at-risk populations, who often have difficulty accessing counseling and testing and other HIV services due to fear of stigma. Traditional healers play a significant role in South African culture and are increasingly recognized as valuable partners in providing HIV prevention, care, and treatment services. CDC South Africa works to train traditional healers in record keeping and HIV prevention messaging.

Our HIV Prevention Activities in South Africa
Page last reviewed: December 5, 2011
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