Winnie Mandela Male Sexual Health Clinic

Partnering to increase services

Winnie Mandela Male Sexual Health Clinic
The Winnie Mandela Male Sexual Health Clinic aims to contribute to the South Africa’s Department of Health HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan, PEPFAR and the millennium development goals of:
  • Reducing HIV incidence by 50% by 2015
  • Integrating MMC into other HIV prevention strategies
  • Contributing to South Africa’s goal to perform 5.6 million MMCs by 2015

The Winnie Mandela Male Sexual Health Clinic serves the Ekurhuleni district in the South Africa province of Gauteng and focuses on medical male circumcision with the incorporation HIV and TB counseling and voluntary testing into the curriculum. The clinic, part of The Arum Institute, opened in September 2011 in a pilot phase. During the first three weeks, the clinic saw approximately 250 patients.

The programs at the clinic serve men and young boys. They are ushered through a systematic process that includes gender-based counseling and education, pre-operative medical assessments, and emotional and educational preparation for the surgery. An eight-man “buddy system” is incorporated to provide peer support throughout the process. An online data capturing systems allows for effective follow up and easy tracking of patients.

The clinic is implementing Shout It Now!, a piloted interactive educational video that replaces group information sessions about Medical Male Circumcision (MMC), as well as a fingerprint-based patient tracking system that feeds into centralized records. The site is in early stages of operation and has already made significant headway in establishing high quality, efficient services.

The clinic’s facilities are refurbished containers from previous Aurum projects that feature six operating rooms and two recovery rooms. The clinic uses one full-time doctor and one rotating doctor in addition to a clinic manager, two data capturers, three general assistants, a site systems manager, two counselors and five nurses.

Clinic and community recruiters

To create community awareness and demand for the clinic’s services, Aurum utilizes its network of 30 community recruiters.

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