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CDC Rwanda wishes to Acknowledge the following (DGHT/CGH/CDC) Staff Who Received CGH and U.S. Mission Rwanda Awards This Year.

The Following CGH Awards was Awarded To:

Dr. Eugenie Kayirangwa receives the Kellie E. Lartigue-Ndiaye Humanitarian Award

Dr Eugenie Kayirangwa award

Dr. Kayirangwa receiving the award

Dr. Kayirangwa received the prestigious Kellie Elizabeth Lartigue-Ndiaye Humanitarian Award during this year’s annual meeting of the CDC Center for Global Health. The award honors demonstrated passion and dedication toward improving the health of populations served, while fostering harmony, diplomacy, and consensus-building in all activities.

The award commemorates the life, passion and commitment of Kelly Elizabeth Lartigue- Ndiaye, a CDC staffer who was killed in an automobile accident while working for CDC in Mali in 2007.

The Following U.S. Mission Rwanda Awards Were Awarded

The Mission Honor Award

  • Dr. Gene McDonald
    • For sustained excellence in the leadership of the Centers for Disease Control Mission in Rwanda and in support of the interagency PEPFAR team.
  • Antyme Kayisabe
    • For sustained exemplary performance in his role as a CDC Grants Management Specialist.
  • Joseph Rukelibuga
    • For exceptional leadership as Interim Laboratory Team Lead.

Eagle Award

  • Solange Shengero
    • For superior performance in organizing and conducting CDC SIMS sites visits.

Safe Driving Awards

  • Issa Afazari, Norbert Ntitsimburwa, Xavier Ntidendereza, Deo Mugabo, and John Kalisa.
    • For having driven safely for over 2 years in the service of the government of the United States without losing DriveCam points (A success story on this can be read in this issue of Kabeho!).

Ambassador’s Special Recognition of CDC Rwanda Staff for Successful COP17

  • Ambassador Barks-Ruggles officially recognized the entire CDC Rwanda staff for their exemplary performance in working towards a successful COP17; CDC Rwanda, PEPFAR, DOD staff, and selected USAID staff were formally recognized by the Ambassador for their exemplary efforts in getting COP17 approved.

Extra Mile Award

  • Josiane Uwineza
    • For exemplary support during the development of the Global Health Security Agenda roadmap strategy meeting.
  • Wassila Niwemahoro
    • For her exemplary efforts to assist a CDC traveler with immigration challenges at Kigali International Airport.

Individual Mission Honor Awards

  • Dr. Winifred King
    • For outstanding and exemplary support of CDC Management and Operations.
  • Emma Mtiro
    • For outstanding and exemplary support of CDC Management and Operations.
  • Dr. Andre Mbayiha
    • For exceptional leadership as Acting Prevention Team Lead.
  • Dr. Canisious Musoni
    • For exceptional leadership as Acting Care and Treatment Team Lead.

Individual Eagle Award

  • Norbert Ntitsimburwa
    • For outstanding teamwork in achieving excellent results in CDC motor pool operations.

Group Eagle Awards

CDC Visibility Group

  • Dr. Eugenie Kayirangwa, Dr. Christina Mwangi, Dr. Ida Kankindi, Dr. Jared Omolo, Emma Mtiro, Enock Karekezi, and Josiane Uwineza.
    • For outstanding teamwork, exemplary performance, and logistical acumen in increasing the visibility and reputation of the U.S. Mission in Kigali during Dr. Rebecca Martin’s visit to Rwanda.

CDC GIS Training Group

  • Pamela Gruduah (departed post), Dr. Winifred King, Dr. Janise Richards, Wassila Niwemahoro, and Josiane Uwineza.
    • For exemplary teamwork in coordinating PEPFAR’s first GIS training in Rwanda.

CDC Publishers Group

  • Dr. Eugenie Kayirangwa, Dr. Ida Kankindi, and Dr. Jared Omolo.
    • To recognize outstanding performance of CDC staff who coauthored scientific manuscripts published in five renowned peer-reviewed journals.

Election Observation Group

  • Dr. Christina Mwangi
    • To recognize the CDC staff’s outstanding teamwork in support of the U.S. Mission Kigali’s Election Observation Group for the 2017 Presidential Elections in Rwanda.

Certificates of Appreciation

  • Dr. Samuel Malamba
    • For exceptional technical leadership in the successful planning and implementation of Rwanda’s “Treat All” and “Differentiated HIV Service Delivery Model” (DSDM) Programs.
  • Arnold Wafula
    • For your contribution, exemplary performance, creativity, and innovation in support of CDC Rwanda.


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