Dr-Martin_08 Rwanda 2017 Audio Transcript

Dr. Rebecca Martin, Presenter:  I go back to my, to my childhood. I won’t take you all the way back. My father was with the U.S. Government and we grew up, I was born overseas, and grew up overseas, and the things I saw on the streets in Kabul, Afghanistan; in Nairobi, Kenya; struck me deeply. And seeing the inequities in the world and the need for being able to stop infectious diseases, that people didn’t have to be disfigured or die due to diseases that there where strong vaccines for. So this is something that has always been with me. The social responsibility the inequities of how to create access and how to stop infectious diseases that don’t need to be spreading and the value of what we have in terms of prevention measures put in place. I would also just mention that I just feel the, the need to make sure that what I am doing has impact. Make sure that it has an impact. I look very year to see what I have done, to make sure that there is something that I have given to what I am doing and given everything I could do recognizing I fail on somethings and somethings I succeed but that I have tried and given it all my best and made sure that I was supporting and motivation people that I work with have been very critical to me in my career.


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