Dr-Martin_06 Rwanda 2017 Audio Transcript

Dr. Rebecca Martin, Presenter:  I only have three things to say on this, I think first would be to continue the great work that they are already doing. What I know of Rwanda is it is very much a strong country when there is the buy in and agreement and seeing the importance of their priorities they move forward rapidly. And taking the initiative and that commitment from the president down is just amazing to see in action. And I would just say to put all of that towards their efforts going forward, to continue the great progress they have made on many of the infectious and non-communicable disease work. Secondly would be the sustainability. I think looking at different models of financial sustainability and technical sustainability and succession planning are critical to be able to move their work forward in thinking of the priorities. And then third would be the engagement of cross sector. The need to include further stakeholders in their efforts. But as far as the priorities in their public health and in their health initiatives, I think Rwanda’s leading the way and has a strong plan for the future.


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