Dr-Martin_03 Rwanda 2017 Audio Transcript

Dr. Rebecca Martin, Presenter:  That’s been just over a year now. And it has been a, a large learning curve. But also I have had great support and have been able to establish a great team and recognize that it’s not only one person that’s doing all this work. It does take a team. And a strong team. And I really respect and admire my colleagues in the work that we do. I may be biased but I think it’s one of the busiest centers at the centers of disease control and prevention. The amount of work and the pace and the type of work we do never ends and everybody works 24/7 and it’s important work that we do. My role I believe is making sure that it’s very clear and well communicated what the priorities are for the Center for Global Health as we set them. And the importance of U.S. domestic agencies; the value of why we work globally. The importance of why we do this to bring protection to the United States and to the U.S. population. How we learn from our global work to bring back experiences and lessons learnt to the domestic scene as well and how we use our science to our program to be able to make sure or strategies are sound, evidence based and that they produce the results for the global goals we are trying to achieve. I also feel it’s my role the importance and I talked about this earlier, is developing and strengthening our partnerships. Everyday there is new opportunities and as we see in the health arena partners coming in from different areas now. Multisectoral, multidisciplinarian that we started to work with the private sector now and how they can engage at country level, in ensuring that global health goals are meet. I also feel, it’s very important my role to help solve problems and you would be surprised at the types of problems we get to solve. But it does require the team to do this and I really do think that leading internally, my role is to make sure that the goals we have agreed to work on, that we have agreed to commit to have impact on, that my division directors are able to do that work. And to be able to make sure that I can be able to help them solve the problems that they need to solve.


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