• The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene – Volume 97, Issue 4_Suppl, 2017

Public Health Progress in Haiti: Achievements, Challenges, and Lessons Learned since the 2010 Earthquake

Public Health Progress in Haiti External
Authors: David W. Lowrance, Jordan W. Tappero, Jean Luc Poncelet, Carissa Etienne, Thomas R. Frieden and Daphne Delsoins

Applying a New Framework for Public Health Systems Recovery following Emergencies and Disasters: The Example of Haiti following a Major Earthquake and Cholera Outbreak External
Authors: David L. Fitter, Daphnée Benoit Delson, Florence D. Guillaume, Angela Wood Schaad, Daphne B. Moffett, Jean-Luc Poncelet, David Lowrance and Richard Gelting

Strengthening National Disease Surveillance and Response—Haiti, 2010–2015 External
Authors: Stanley Juin, Nicolas Schaad, Donald Lafontant, Gerard A. Joseph, Ezra Barzilay, Jacques Boncy, Robert Barrais, Frantz Jean Louis, Nadia Lapierre Jean Charles, Salomon Corvil, Nickolsno Barthelemy, Amber Dismer, Jean Samuel Pierre, Roodly W. Archer, Mayer Antoine, Barbara Marston, Mark Katz, Patrick Dely, Paul Adrien, David L. Fitter, David Lowrance and Roopal Patel

Building and Rebuilding: The National Public Health Laboratory Systems and Services Before and After the Earthquake and Cholera Epidemic, Haiti, 2009–2015 External
Authors: Frantz Jean Louis, Josiane Buteau, Jacques Boncy, Renette Anselme, Magalie Stanislas, Mary C. Nagel, Stanley Juin, Macarthur Charles, Robert Burris, Eva Antoine, Chunfu Yang, Mireille Kalou, John Vertefeuille, Barbara J. Marston, David W. Lowrance and Varough Deyde

Expansion of Vaccination Services and Strengthening Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Surveillance in Haiti, 2010–2016 External
Authors: Rania A. Tohme, Jeannot Francois, Kathleen F. Cavallaro, Gilson Paluku, Idrissa Yalcouye, Ernsley Jackson, Tracie Wright, Paul Adrien, Mark A. Katz, Terri B. Hyde, Pape Faye, Francine Kimanuka, Vance Dietz, John Vertefeuille, David Lowrance, Benjamin Dahl and Roopal Patel

Cost Evaluation of a Government-Conducted Oral Cholera Vaccination Campaign—Haiti, 2013 External
Authors: Janell A. Routh, Nandini Sreenivasan, Bishwa B. Adhikari, Lesly L. Andrecy, Margarette Bernateau, Taiwo Abimbola, Joseph Njau, Ernsley Jackson, Stanley Juin, Jeannot Francois, Rania A. Tohme, Martin I. Meltzer, Mark A. Katz and Eric D. Mintz

Haiti’s Commitment to Malaria Elimination: Progress in the Face of Challenges, 2010–2016 External
Authors: Jean Frantz Lemoine, Jacques Boncy, Scott Filler, S. Patrick Kachur, David Fitter and Michelle A. Chang

Trends in Tuberculosis Case Notification and Treatment Success, Haiti, 2010–2015 </a
Authors: Macarthur Charles, Milo Richard, Patrice Joseph, Margarette R. Bury, Georges Perrin, Frantz Jean Louis, David L. Fitter, Barbara J. Marston, Varough Deyde, Jacques Boncy, Willy Morose, Jean W. Pape and David W. Lowrance

Retention Throughout the HIV Care and Treatment Cascade: From Diagnosis to Antiretroviral Treatment of Adults and Children Living with HIV—Haiti, 1985–2015 External
Authors: Andrew F. Auld, Valerie Pelletier, Ermane G. Robin, Ray W. Shiraishi, Jacob Dee, Mayer Antoine, Yrvel Desir, Gracia Desforges, Chris Delcher, Nirva Duval, Nadjy Joseph, Kesner Francois, Mark Griswold, Jean Wysler Domercant, Yves Anthony Patrice Joseph, Joelle Deas Van Onacker, Varough Deyde, David W. Lowrance and and the “Groupe d’Analyses SALVH”

Translating Research into Reality: Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis from Haiti External
Authors: Patrick J. Lammie, Mark L. Eberhard, David G. Addiss, Kimberly Y. Won, Madsen Beau de Rochars, Abdel N. Direny, Marie Denise Milord, Jack Guy Lafontant and Thomas G. Streit

The Health Impact of Rabies in Haiti and Recent Developments on the Path Toward Elimination, 2010–2015 External
Authors: Ryan Wallace, Melissa Etheart, Fleurinord Ludder, Pierre Augustin, Natael Fenelon, Richard Franka, Kelly Crowdis, Patrick Dely, Paul Adrien, J. Pierre-Louis, Modupe Osinubi, Lillian Orciari, Marco Vigilato, Jesse Blanton, Roopal Patel, David Lowrance, Andrecy Liverdieu, Andre Coetzer, John Boone, Joanne Lindenmayer and M. Millien

Assessment of Drinking Water Sold from Private Sector Kiosks in Post-Earthquake Port-au-Prince, Haiti External
Authors: Molly Patrick, Maria Steenland, Amber Dismer, Jocelyne Pierre-Louis, Jennifer L. Murphy, Amy Kahler, Bonnie Mull, Melissa D. Etheart, Emmanuel Rossignol, Jacques Boncy, Vincent Hill and Thomas Handzel

  • The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene/Volume 96, Issue 6

Cost-Effectiveness Evaluation of a Novel Integrated Bite Case Management Program for the Control of Human Rabies, Haiti 2014–2015External
Authors: Eduardo A. Undurraga1, Martin I. Meltzer1, Cuc H. Tran2, Charisma Y. Atkins1, Melissa D. Etheart3, Max F. Millien4, Paul Adrien5, Ryan M. Wallace2

  • Lancet Global Health Journal Volume 5, No. 10, e1017–e1025, October 2017

Effect of counselling on health-care-seeking behaviours and rabies vaccination adherence after dog bites in Haiti, 2014–15: a retrospective follow-up surveyExternal
Authors: Melissa Dominique Etheart, MD, Maxwell Kligerman, BA, Pierre Dilius Augustin, Jesse D Blanton, MPH, Benjamin Monroe, MPH, Ludder Fleurinord, Max Millien, DVM, Kelly Crowdis, DVM, Natael Fenelon, MD, Ryan MacLaren Wallace, DVM

  • Emerging Infectious Disease Volume 24, Number 1—January 2018

Investigation of Canine-Mediated Human Rabies Death, Haiti, 2015Cdc-pdf
Authors: Cuc H. Tran, Melissa D. Etheart, Lesly L. Andrecy, Pierre Dilius Augustin, Maxwell Kligerman, Kelly Crowdis, Paul Adrien, Amber Dismer, Jesse D. Blanton, Max Millien, and Ryan M. Wallace

  • Zoonoses and Publi Health Volume 1, Number 7, May 2018

Meeting the urgent need for rabies education in Haiti
Authors: Modupe O. V. Osinubi, Natael Fenelon, Jessie L Dyer, Richard Franka, Melissa Etheart, Aliyah Ali, Meseret Birhane, Nadia Phaimyr Jn Charles, Apollon Destine, Nicole Saleme, Charlotte Newman, Kelly Crowdis, Caitlyn Lutfy, Jesse Blanton, Ryan M Wallace, Valerie R Johnson

  • International Society of Blood Transfusion Science Series Volume 13, Issue 2, May 2018, Pages 150-157

Trends in Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Seroprevalence among Blood Donors —Haiti, 2005-2014
Authors: Anne Eudes Jean Baptiste, Michelle S. Chevalier, Edoneudid Polo, Ernst Noel, Erin N Hulland, W. Roodly Archer

  • Health Policy and Planning Volume 33, Issue 2, 1 March 2018, Pages 237–246

Success factors for implementing and sustaining a mature electronic medical record in a low-resource setting: a case study of iSanté in Haiti
Authors: E deRiel, N Puttkammer, N Hyppolite, J Diallo, S Wagner, JG Honore, JG Balan, N Celestin, JS Valles N Duval, G Thimothe, J Boncy, NRL Coq and S Barnhart

  • PLoS ONE 13 (1) Jan 2018

Virologic outcome among patients receiving antiretroviral therapy at five hospitals in Haiti
Authors: Frantz Jean Louis, Josiane Buteau, Kesner FrancËois, Erin Hulland, Jean Wysler DomercËant, Chunfu Yang, Jacques Boncy, Robert Burris, Valerie Pelletier, Nicholas Waga4, Varough Deyde, David W. Lowrance, Macarthur Charles

  • Morbidity and Mortality Report, Weekly / February 17, 2017 / 66(6);172–176

Transmission of Zika Virus – Haiti, 12 October 2015 to 10 September 2016
Authors: Journel I., Andrécy L.L, Metellus, D., Pierre J. S, Faublas R.M., Juin S., Dismer A.M., Fitter D.L., Neptune D., Laraque M.J., Corvil S., Pierre M., Buteau J., Lafontant D., Patel R., Lemoine J.F., Lowrance D.W., Charles M., Boncy J., Adrien P

  • The Lancet 392.10150 (2018): 821-834.

Treatment correlates of successful outcomes in pulmonary multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: an individual patient data meta-analysis.
Authors: The Collaborative Group for the Meta-Analysis of Individual Patient Data in MDR-TB treatment–2017

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