GIS Training

GIS for Chronic Disease

Chronic Disease GIS Training

GIS training modules that cover introductory and advanced topics in GIS are available on the Chronic Disease GIS Exchange, a website managed in the Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention. These training modules were developed as part of the GIS Surveillance for Heart Disease, Stroke, and Other Chronic Diseases in State and Local Health Departments project. Training modules include slide shows, exercises, and data.

All training modules can be found here:

Cartographic Guidelines for Public Health

Cartographic Guidelines for Public Health

The Cartographic Guidelines for Public Health pdf icon[PDF-3.7M] include best practices for producing high-quality, consistent map products for the public health community. These guidelines were developed by GeoSWG’s Public Health and Cartography Ad Hoc Committee in 2012.

Other GIS Training Resources (available outside of CDC)
  • ESRI provides various trainings on ArcGIS that area available both free of charge and for a fee. Visit the ESRI websiteexternal icon to browse their course offerings.
  • There are many free tutorials and tips for learning Quantum GIS available hereexternal icon.
  • Penn State has made many of their courses available freely to learners who do not wish to pursue a degree or certificate at their institution. Various GIS courses are available under the ‘Geography Department’ section on this siteexternal icon.