Events: CDC/ATSDR GIS Day 2015

CDC/ATSDR’s GIS Day is an annual event that features the work of experts from across CDC and the Atlanta area. Presentations and poster sessions show novel GIS applications or use of GIS tools to answer important research questions. This year’s presenters included epidemiologists, public health professions, statisticians and others from CDC, Emory University, Georgia State University, American Cancer Society, and other public and private organizations.

Plenary Speaker – Stephen Few

Stephen Few

Stephen Few is founder of Perceptual Edge. With 30 years of experience as an innovator, consultant, and educator in the fields of business intelligence and information design, Stephen is now a leading expert in data visualization and communication.

Stephen writes the quarterly Visual Business Intelligence Newsletter, speaks and teaches internationally, and provides consulting services.


The 2015 CDC GIS Day included 15 research presentations.