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Genomics and Health Weekly Update 2009

This website is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.

Genetics in Medicine

August 2009, Volume 11, Issue 8



  • The Scientific Foundation for Personal Genomics: Recommendations from a National Institutes of Health–Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Multidisciplinary Workshop
    Muin J. Khoury, MD, PhD; Colleen M. McBride, PhD; Sheri D. Schully, PhD; John P. A. Ioannidis, MD, PhD; W Gregory Feero, MD, PhD; A Cecile J. W. Janssens, PhD; Marta Gwinn, MD, MPH; Denise G. Simons-Morton, MD, PhD; Jay M. Bernhardt, PhD; Michele Cargill, PhD; Stephen J. Chanock, MD; George M. Church, PhD; Ralph J. Coates, PhD; Francis S. Collins, MD, PhD; Robert T. Croyle, PhD; Barry R. Davis, MD, PhD; Gregory J. Downing, PhD, DO; Amy DuRoss, MBA; Susan Friedman, DVM; Mitchell H. Gail, PhD; Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, MD, PhD; Robert C. Green, MD, MPH; Mark H. Greene, MD; Philip Greenland, MD; Jeffrey R. Gulcher, MD, PhD; Andro Hsu, PhD; Kathy L. Hudson, PhD; Sharon L. R. Kardia, PhD; Paul L. Kimmel, MD; Michael S. Lauer, MD; Amy M. Miller, PhD; Kenneth Offit, MD, MPH; David F. Ransohoff, MD; J Scott Roberts, PhD; Rebekah S. Rasooly, PhD; Kari Stefansson, MD; Sharon F. Terry, MA; Steven M. Teutsch, MD; Angela Trepanier, MS; Kay L. Wanke, PhD, MPH; John S. Witte, PhD; Jianfeng Xu, MD, DrPH



Letter to the Editor