Genetics for Early Disease Detection and Intervention

In 2009, CDC’s National Office of Public Health Genomics (OPHG) launched the Genetics for Early Disease Detection and Intervention (GEDDI) project in collaboration with the Genetic Alliance, and other organizations. GEDDI aims to develop a model strategy for using clinical, genetic, and family history information to reduce the risk of disease, death, and disability in affected individuals, family members, and populations. A key activity of GEDDI will be to increase understanding among health care providers and the public about risk factors for selected diseases related to a person’s genes, behaviors, and environment as well as symptoms for these diseases. GEDDI will focus first on rare genetic disorders for which reliable scientific information on health benefits is available. During the next few years, GEDDI will expand to study common diseases as genomics knowledge matures.

Genetic Alliance is helping to establish GEDDI’s model strategy through input from the GEDDI working group, experts in genetics, public health, and technology, along with the public. The model project and white paper will be posted to WikiGenetics later this year.


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