GAPPNet™ Stakeholder Organizations

GAPPNet™ is made up of stakeholder organizations, including academia, government, health care, public health, industry, policy institutions, and community and consumer groups. GAPPNet™ stakeholders share a common interest in the field of genomic medicine and realizing the benefits of using validated genomic knowledge and applications, such as genetic tests, technologies, and family history, in health care and disease prevention. These organizations are working together to provide greater support for the GAPPNet™ functions: knowledge synthesis, evidence-based recommendation development, translation research, and translation programs. Learn more about general activities in these areas that the stakeholders and members may work on independently to meet their own organization’s goals, or collaboratively as part of GAPPNet.

Academia and Research Institutions


Health Care

Professional and Advisory Organizations


Policy Institutions

Community and Consumer Groups

*The IOM Genomics Roundtable is an independent neutral venue which maintains an affiliation with GAPPNet for the purposes of ensuring communication between its membership and the GAPPNet community.

The stakeholder and member organizations listed on this Web page participate voluntarily in GAPPNet™. Participation in GAPPNet™ does not imply any advisory relationship between these organizations and the U.S. government, nor does it imply an endorsement of the organizations.

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