Taxonomy of Educational Objectives

Psychomotor Domain and Affective Domain
Psychomotor Domain (inverted triangle of physical & combined skills) Affective Domain (inverted triangle of beliefs, attitudes, & values)
Originate Adapt Perform Automatically Respond Perceive
Characterize Organize Value Respond Receive
Cognitive Domain (inverted triangle of knowledge & thinking skills)
Evaluate Synthesize Analyze Apply Comprehend Know


Psychomotor Domain
Psychomotor Domain (inverted triangle of physical & combined skills)
Originate: arranges, combines, composes, constructs, creates, designs, develops, directs, establishes, originatesAdapt: adjusts, alters, changes, conducts, converts, coordinates, manages, rearranges, reorganizes, repairs, revises, varies

Perform Automatically: (same as Responds) collects, draws, graphs, illustrates, maps, monitors, operates, prepares, sets up, solicits

Respond: arranges, assembles, builds, calculates, calibrates, charts, connects, constructs, dismantles, displays, dissects, drafts, fastens, files, fixes, makes, manipulates, measures, mends, mixes, organizes, plots, provides, searches, sketches, works

Perceive (Sensing): chooses, describes, detects, differentiates, distinguishes, identifies, isolates, relates, selects, separates, begins, displays, explains, moves, proceeds, reacts, responds, shows, starts

Affective Domain
Affective Domain (inverted triangle of beliefs, attitudes, & values)
Characterize: acts, advocates, collaborates, discriminates, displays, facilitates, implements, influences, interacts, leads, negotiates, performs, practices, resolves, revises, servesOrganization: adheres, alters, arranges, combines, compares, completes, defends, formulates, fosters, generalizes, integrates, modifies, corders, organizes

Value: completes, contributes, cooperates, decides, determines, embraces, explains, initiates, invites, justifies, participates, proposes, questions, researches, selects, shares, studies

Respond: answers, articulates, assists, communicates, complies, conforms, discusses, expresses, greets, listens, presents, prepares, reads, recites, reports, verifies, writes

Receive: asks, chooses, describes, follows, gives, holds, identifies, locates, names, points to, replies, selects

Cognitive Domain
Cognitive Domain (inverted triangle of knowledge & thinking skills)
Evaluate: appraises, compares, concludes, contrasts, criticizes, discriminates, explains, justifies, interprets, relates, summarizes, supportsSynthesize: categorizes, combines, compiles, composes, devises, generates, interprets, modifies, organizes, plans, rearranges, reconstructs, relates, reorganizes, revises, rewrites, summarizes, translates

Analyze: changes, computes, demonstrates, discovers, locates, manipulates, modifies, operates, predicts, prepares, produces, relates, shows, solves, uses

Comprehend: coverts, defends, distinguishes, estimates, explains, extends, generalizes, gives, examples, infers, paraphrases, recognizes, writes

Know: defines, describes, identifies, lists, matches, names, reproduces

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