Public Health in America: Integrating Genetics


Public Health Competency Domains: Origins, Comparisons, Definitions
The Public Health Workforce: An Agenda for the 21st Century, PHS, 1997 Report of the Workgroup on Competencies and Content, CDC, Office for Workforce Development, 1999 Council on Linkages Between Academia and Public Health Practice, PHF, 2000 Genetics Competencies in Public Health, CDC, OGDP & PHPPO, 2000 Domain – Key Words
analytic analytic analysis & assessment analysis & assessment epidemiology, surveillance, survey, databases, sources, registries, collection, barriers, analysis, variables, interpretation,
communication communication communication communication listens, articulates, target audience, special & vulnerable populations, risk communication, prevention education, feedback, input, presentation, adult learning theory, communications theory, mass media, sound bites
community dimensions & practice community relations key partners, stakeholders, community-based, non-traditional health providers, resources, community planning, networking, team dynamics, negotiation, consensus, conflict resolution,
policy & development, program planning policy development policy development,
program planning
policy development legislative, laws, regulations, security, confidentiality, privacy, human subjects protection, informed consent, discrimination, implications, policy options
program planning objectives, outcome, impact, process, methods, implementation, evaluation, initiatives, expected health outcomes,
cultural cultural cultural cultural diversity, ethnic, multi-cultural, groups, populations, under-served, uninsured, minority, persons-of-color, age, lifestyle
professional scientific ethics, professional integrity, time-management, priority setting, helpfulness, stress-reduction
basic public health science basic public health science basic public health science basic public health science qualitative, quantitative, research, behavioral & social, biomedical, laboratory, environmental, occupational, emergency response, health promotion, disease prevention, determinants of health, health status,
new leadership & systems thinking leadership & systems thinking leadership & systems thinking strategic planning, key values, shared vision, leadership, team building, power sharing, health case systems, advocate, performance measures, prevention effectiveness, return-on-investment,
financial planning, management management,
information management
financial planning & management management &
organizational behavior, staffing plans, human resources, personnel, life-long learning, procurement, budget process & justification, fiscal resources, quality control
information systems computer systems, electronic network, information storage and retrieval, compatibility
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