Tier 1 Implementation Videos, Other Tools, and Resources Available to Help

In addition to this toolkit, CDC maintains updated information on various Tier 1 applications including examples of successful initiatives on the OPHG website’s implementation page. An important resource included there is the “Genomic Tests and Family History by Levels of Evidence” list which is continually updated to identify applications which are or are not ready for use in clinical practice at the present time. Another informative source is the PHG Tier 1 Clickable Map which provides information about state data, resources, and activities that may be helpful to those interested in implementing public health genomics applications in their states. Finally, the Genomics and Health Impact Update is another important resource which distributes public health genomics news and publication updates to subscribers on a weekly basis. Becoming a subscriber requires only an email address. Many more sources are provided within this toolkit under the “education outreach” heading within each Tier 1 application’s “What specifically can state and local public health do?” section.

  1. CDC Office of Public Health Genomics Implementation page
  2. CDC’s Genomic Tests and Family History by Levels of Evidence
  3. The Public Health Genomics Tier 1 Clickable Map
  4. Genomics and Health Impact Update and Blog
  5. Videos

Bidirectional cancer registry reporting to identify patients at high risk for hereditary cancer syndromes: what providers and institutions need to know. Video for educational outreach to providers and institutions in states that have bidirectional cancer registry reporting programs in place.

Public health genomics implementation to save lives: from national vision to state success: Michigan

Tier 1 genomic applications and pioneer/trail blazing states – an interview with Sharon Terry

Using Genomics to Prevent Cancer Now

Cascade screening and public health practice – an idea whose time has come

  1. Funding announcements related to Tier 1 applications

Should OPHG become aware of any resources such as federal grants or cooperative agreements for Tier 1 activities they will be posted in this section.

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