Lynch Syndrome education tools

LS Tier 1 tools and educational materials from states and other sources

Surveillance Tools/Resources

Michigan Department of Community Health Cancer Genomics Surveillance Reportexternal icon

Michigan Cancer Surveillance Program Cancer Report Form pdf icon[PDF 105.30KB]external icon

Oregon Healthcare Provider Cancer Genomics Survey pdf icon[PDF 240.46 KB]external icon

Oregon HA Cancer Genetic Insurance Questions for Insurers pdf icon[PDF 129.08 KB]external icon

Lynch Syndrome Screening Network (LSSN) EGAPP LS Recommendation Data from 91 LSSN applications pdf icon[PDF 132.83 KB]external icon

Oregon logic model pdf icon[PDF 125.35 KB]external icon and data sources charts pdf icon[PDF 22.85 KB]external icon


Education Tools/Resources

Connecticut LS Fact Sheet pdf icon[PDF 146.60 KB]external icon

New York State Department of Health Cancer Genetic Counseling Poster pdf icon[PDF 560.28 KB]external icon

Michigan Department of Community Health created and copyrighted a risk assessment tool called the Cancer Family History Pocket Guide, a hand held tool for providers that assists with risk assessment and referral guidelines for patients with a family history of breast, ovarian, colorectal or endometrial cancer. The process used to develop the pocket guide is described in a poster pdf icon[PDF147.49 KB]external icon. They have to date distributed more than 15,000 of these tools pdf icon[PDF 56.41 KB]external icon to assist providers in identifying high risk patients for referral to a genetics specialist.

Genetic Alliance brochures on LS developed in partnership with Lynch Syndrome International with funding from OPHG: Genetic Testing and Cancer Prevention for Lynch Syndrome; Lynch Syndrome pdf icon[PDF 434.09 KB]external icon and Talking to Family about Lynch Syndrome pdf icon[PDF 332.61 KB]external icon.

Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center Fact Sheet pdf icon[PDF 107.75 KB]external icon

Michigan Cancer Consortium information (includes wide range of information on Lynch syndrome)external icon

The Lynch Syndrome Surveillance Network:external icon website includes a a number of educational materials.

The American Society of Clinical Oncology has produced Basic Elements of Informed Consent for Cancer Susceptibility Testing which can be used to help develop an appropriate informed consent form.

National Library of Medicine Genetics Home Referenceexternal icon information on LS.

National Cancer Institute (NCI) information on genetics of colorectal cancerexternal icon )

NCI Video: Collaborating for Impact: Public Health Genomics and Cancer Controlexternal icon

Kin Talkexternal icon a social networking site, developed by genetic counselors at the University of California – San Francisco for individuals and families with LS, to help families deal with the difficult questions that arise when cascade screening for LS is initiated. information about sharing genetic test results with your familyexternal icon

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