HuGENet Case Studies

This is an on-line presentation designed to sharpen your epidemiological skills and enhance your knowledge on genomic variation and human diseases.


To train health professionals in the practical application of human genome epidemiology (HuGE), which translates gene discoveries to disease prevention by integrating population-based data on gene-disease relationships and interventions. Students will acquire conceptual and practical tools for critically evaluating the growing scientific literature in specific disease areas.


Case studies are presented as follows:

  1. Educational objectives
  2. Case study
    • Overview about the topic
    • A summary of the information contained in each article
    • Questions and answers about the article
    • Workspace and an opportunity to submit your answer
    • Our answer key
  3. Bibliography
  4. Medline Search Opportunity

*Note: Although you may quit and resume at any time, it is important to read each case study in the order in which it is presented.

Case Studies