Building the plane while flying it:

Implementing genomics activities in states while establishing the evidence base

May 21, 2018, 10:00 am -12:00 pm EST
CDC Chamblee Campus, Building 106,  Room 1B

Free Registration is required.

photo of Laura Senier

Laura Senier, PhD, MPH Assistant Professor of Sociology and Health Sciences
Northeastern University

State health departments implementing genomics activities face the challenge of a limited evidence base on the effectiveness of these interventions, compared with more standard public health approaches. At the same time, these programs offer the opportunity to contribute to the evidence base, informing future efforts. This seminar will address how state health departments and others can include evaluation measures when developing their genomics programs and conduct evaluations of these programs, in order to build the evidence base. This seminar will be of interest to CDC programs working to build the evidence base on effective genomics approaches, as well as those considering implementing genomics activities. This seminar will also be useful for CDC programs working on conditions for which the evidence base is limited, such as birth defects, rare disorders, and newborn screening. As one example, an evaluation using CDC’s science impact framework to trace the impact of public health activities and partnerships on implementation of hereditary cancer screening guidelines will be presented.


  • Office of Public Health Genomics, Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology and Laboratory Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • CDC University
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