Appendix D: Selected Bibliography

image of tree with people, family records, and a dna strand

A Report for the
Office of Genomics and Disease Prevention
National Center for Environmental Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Prepared by Susan Baker Toal, MPH
August 19, 2002


Selected Articles on Family History Collection and Evaluation
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Online Articles on Family History
  1. “Blue Eyes and Long Lives” Provides a basic approach for documenting family health history suitable for the lay person interested in family history or genealogy.
  2. Family Health History: Medical Genealogy. Provides links to articles on collecting and interpreting family health information.
  3. Family Medical History. Provides information on family medical history, what to collect, some sources, why it is important, inheritance patterns and conditions associated with certain ethnic backgrounds.
  4. Tree of Knowledge: Putting together a family medical history. Provides some basic guidance on collecting information for a family history.
  5. Internet Genealogy. A set of lessons on genealogical topics, including a module on genograms and family medical histories.
  6. Knowing your Family Medical History. Methodist Health Care System, Houston, TX. Article on the importance on family medical history for an individual’s health.
  7. Compiling your family medical history. Mayo Clinic Health Information. Provides tips and suggestions for compiling a family medical history.
  8. Your Family’s Medical History: Why It’s So Important. Lee Phillips, MD, Personal MD. Provides an overview of some of the chronic conditions can run in families, clues for collecting family information and advice on sharing the information with health care providers to develop disease prevention plan.
  9. Population-based estimates of the prevalence of family history of cancer among women. by Ingrid J. Hall, Wylie Burke, Steven Coughlin, and Nancy C. Lee.
Books on Family History
  1. Genetic Connections — A Guide To Documenting Your Individual And Family Health History by Danette L. Nelson-Anderson, RN, BSN, and Cynthia V. Waters.
  2. How Healthy Is Your Family Tree?: A Complete Guide to Tracing Your Family’s Medical and Behavioral Tree by Carol Krause
  3. Family Diseases: Are You at Risk? by Myra Vanderpool Gormley
  4. Your Genetic Destiny: Know Your Genes, Secure Your Health, Save Your Life by Aubrey Milunsky, MD, DSc
  5. The Practical Guide to the Genetic Family History by Robin L. Bennett, MS, CGC
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