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Past CDC Genomics Funding Opportunities

This website is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.

  • Centers for Genomics and Public Health (2004)
    The Office of Public Health Genomics and the Association of Schools of Public Health funded the University of Michigan, the University of North Carolina, and the University of Washington to establish Centers for Genomics and Public Health (CGPH). The key objectives of these centers were to translate genomic information into useable public health knowledge, provide technical assistance to state and community public health agencies integrating genomics into programs and practice, and develop and provide genomics training for the current and future public health workforce.

    In order to sustain development of a network of Centers for Genomics and Public Health, OPHG was pleased to announce the availability of funds through Program Announcement (PA) 04143, “Centers for Genomics and Public Health.” These Centers functioned as regional hubs of expertise in genomics and public health and continued to address the integration of genomics into health practice.

  • Improving the Quality of Genetic Testing and Assessing Its Appropriate Integration into Clinical and Public Health Practice (2004)
    The purpose of this funding was to identify opportunities for improving the quality of laboratory genetic testing practices in clinical and/or public health settings. The goals of this program were (1) to conduct a technology and practice assessment within the scope of genetic testing laboratory services in the United States that would evaluate elements important for assuring the quality, appropriate use, and to what extent an understanding of benefits and limitations were applied; (2) to conduct a pilot study to test concepts potentially useful for improving the quality of the genetic testing process; and (3) to compare relevant international activities (those occurring outside the United States ) to efforts undertaken in this project.
  • Prevention Research Using Genetic Information to Prevent Disease and Improve Health (1999)
    In May 1999, the Office of Public Health Genomics, CDC, announced the availability of $700,000 to support new extramural research in two categories:

    1. Epidemiologic research–to assess the interaction of modifiable risk factors (e.g., diet, chemical exposures, infections, lifestyle) with known genetic disease risk factors, and to demonstrate how this information could help target disease prevention efforts.
    2. Prevention effectiveness research–to demonstrate the effectiveness of using genetic information to prevent disease, disability and death by finding persons at risk and carrying out appropriate interventions.

    Research proposals in either category could address cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, or pediatric pulmonary disease (asthma, cystic fibrosis), which are among the leading causes of mortality, morbidity, and disability in the U.S., and have identifiable genetic and environmental risk factors.

    These funds were made available as part of CDC’s Prevention Research Initiative, an effort to link the talents and skills of university-based scientists with the resources of health departments, community-based programs, and national organizations. Thirteen research proposals were received and reviewed by a special emphasis panel including experts from a wide range of disciplines and institutions.