Tips for your CFA resume

Resume tips

A professional looking resume is the first step in our hiring process. In federal government hiring, there is no limit to how long your resume should be – more is definitely more.  It is a good idea to give a descriptive list of your most relevant and compelling responsibilities to help the hiring officials decide if you meet the qualifications of the job announcement. You can create your resume through the resume builder, but many find creating a separate Microsoft Word document resume most beneficial. Before you submit an application, ensure that your resume is tailored to the position description of the job you’re applying for.  This can be done by listing examples in your resume that support the job description and responsibilities.

Remember to do the following when creating and submitting your resume:

  1. Submit a cover letter (tell us why you’d be a great fit for the CFA team!)
  2. Put examples in the resume that support the duties listed in the job description (match key words as applicable)
  3. Submit a complete, multi-page resume with contact information to include city and state of residence
  4. Every work experience should indicate if the position was full or part-time and number of hours worked per week
  5. Ensure length of time spent is indicated for each work experience (including month and year)
  6. Be sure to have references on resume (names, emails, phone numbers)
  7. Employment and Education Documentation

Several important documents are included in the hiring process along with a resume. Include all previous government employment documentation (SF50, DD214, etc.). Be sure to include all transcripts from all colleges that were attended if you are applying on the basis of meeting the education requirements.  Don’t forget to include course descriptions for classes that you’ve highlighted on your resume, to ensure hiring officials can determine if your experience meets the needed qualifications.

What you’ll need

  1. Employment Documentation
  2. Government SF 50 form (for example if you participated in a Fellowship Program)
  3. Military DD214 form (and VA Benefits letter, if applicable)
  4. Education
  5. Transcripts (If attended multiple college; all transcripts must be submitted)

Pro tip: Turn on position reminders at USAJOBs! This ensures you’ll receive an email notification if a new job is posted in the fields, you’re interested in.

Give yourself time. The process for applying to federal positions is lengthy, so don’t wait until the last hour to submit your application package. Late applications are never considered.