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Partner with CFA to Improve Outbreak Response Using Disease Modeling and Analytics


The Center for Forecasting and Outbreak Analytics’ (CFA) new cooperative agreement aims to improve outbreak response and enhance the federal, state, and local ability to control epidemics and pandemics.

Grantees will work with CFA to develop a network of innovators to design, prototype, test, and scale ground-breaking capabilities for improving analytics, modeling, and forecasting. Our efforts will support decision-makers during outbreaks of infectious diseases (both known and newly emerging) in the United States.

Partnership and collaboration between academia, public health, health care and the private sector are at the core of this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). See more information and guidelines below before submitting your application.

The purpose of the cooperative agreement is to save lives through improving public health response to disease threats.

CDC will hold an informational call May 22, 2023, for those interested in applying. Register for the webinar.

About the Funding Opportunity

Innovation: Three colleagues work together to develop new technology. Integration: Three colleagues work together to test the new technology from the Innovation pipeline. They test for quality assurance at a small locality. Implementation: Three colleagues work together to deploy new quality assured technology across states.

CFA will fund three primary areas: Innovation, Integration, and Implementation. Applicants must select one of these three areas.

CFA will support a network to improve speed, accuracy, and use of data & analytics during health emergencies, to include:

  • Innovators to advance the science of outbreak analytics
  • Integrators to design and test innovative capabilities in collaboration with public health jurisdictions
  • Implementors to scale innovations among jurisdictions

Purpose is to develop a pipeline of new analytical methods, tools, and/or platforms that will support the modeling efforts that will ultimately be used to provide input to public health decision-makers.


Purpose is to take the most promising approaches from the innovation pipeline or an approach already in development and pilot test in an organization that has public health decision-makers who would benefit from the pilot output.  This would involve testing in the real world, for example using models and forecasts within a single county or city.  A critical aspect of these activities includes a focused evaluation component to gauge successes and/or failures.


Purpose is to scale and bring online those pilot projects that have been shown to work. An example might be implementing the approach in an entire state. The goal is for local level jurisdictions to use new analytical tools that have been tested and proven to work. This includes a trained workforce that is self-sufficient using models and forecasts to help local authorities make the best decisions for public health outcomes for their jurisdiction.

Eligible Applicants:  

  • Unrestricted (open to all entities)

Application Due Date:

  • July 14, 2023

Estimated Award Date:

  • September 8, 2023

Program Period:

  • September 29, 2023 – September 30, 2028

Letter of Intent (LOI):

You must submit an LOI by midnight, June 14, 2023. The purpose of this letter is to inform CDC that you are interested in applying for funding under CDC-RFA-FT-23-0069.

The LOI should be submitted in the first 30 days after the application is released. The Letter Of Intent should include the following information:

  • Descriptive title of proposed project
  • Name, address, telephone number, and email address of the Principal Investigator/Project Director
  • Name, address, telephone number, and email address of the primary contact for writing and submitting this application
  • Number and title of this funding opportunity
  • Selected program components for planned program

Please submit your LOI via e-mail to:

Application Components

All applicants MUST apply for a total of two components.

Application Components Chart
First component (mandatory for all applicants):
Second component (applicants must select one of three options):
Only two components are needed for a complete application. Applicants however have the choice to apply for an OPTIONAL third component. The recipient of this optional component will have a total of three components.
Application Process

What is the application due date?

The application should be submitted by July 14, 2023.

What form do I use to submit my application?

CDC uses the SF424 and has adopted the SF424 (R&R) Application Guide located at this Web site:

Where can I find additional information on submission of my application?

For general information on SF424 (R&R) Application and Electronic Submission, see the following Web sites: SF424 (R&R) Application and Electronic Submission Information, respectively. for- grants.html

Must I have all my Institutional Review Board (IRB) assurances to submit my application (if applicable)?

You do not need IRB approval when you submit your application. However, if you receive an award, a portion of your funds will be restricted until all of your IRB assurances are in place.

Who will review my application?

Subject Matter Experts within CDC.

For additional application and grant questions, please visit the Grants Learning Center here.

Informational Call Recording

CFA held an informational call May 22, 2023, for those interested in applying. You can watch the recording below to learn more about this funding opportunity.

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