What We Do

Infectious disease outbreaks are an ongoing threat to Americans. Data and analytical capabilities can supercharge response efforts and guide interventions to improve outcomes. The Center for Forecasting and Outbreak Analytics (CFA) is CDC’s newest center, established to improve the nation’s ability to prepare for and respond to infectious disease threats using data, modeling, and analytics. CFA works alongside partners across public and private sectors to inform data-driven decisions to protect lives and prevent infections.

To empower people to save lives and protect communities from health threats

To harness cutting-edge analytics to improve response to public health emergencies

We’re working alongside partners in public, private, and academic sectors to advance our science and achieve our four priority goals:


Deliver actionable analysis and response-ready modeling tools

  1. Build an ecosystem of open-source models and tools for outbreak analytics and support community development of related tools
  2. Collaborate with CDC programs to apply CFA’s models and community tools in routine practice
  3. Test, evaluate, and improve CFA’s modeling approaches and data sources
  4. Provide analysis for urgent response needs

Generate practical decision support products

  1. Lead development of qualitative risk assessments, technical reports, and similar products containing actionable insights for decision makers
  2. Translate and disseminate CFA-developed analytics
  3. Establish and maintain collaborations to formulate and continually improve CFA products

Drive technological and analytic innovation

  1. Transform infectious disease forecasting, advanced analytics, and communication by engaging public, academic, and private sector performers
  2. Advance leading-edge analytic technology architectures for CFA and our partners
  3. Establish technical specifications to support the flow of data and methods between CFA and collaborators

Build a world-class forecasting and outbreak analytics organization

  1. Attract and retain an ambitious, technically excellent, creative, and diverse workforce
  2. Drive CFA talent growth through robust career development initiatives
  3. Foster a high-performance culture of collaboration, innovation, transparency, and trust
  4. Plan and execute for sustained success