Functions & Goals

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Our Goals: Enable timely, effective decision-making to improve outbreak responses using data, modeling, and analytics.

Center for Forecasting and Outbreak Analytics Summary [PDF – 424 KB]

The Center has 3 core functions:


Generate forecasts and analyses to support outbreak preparedness and response.

  • Model and forecast outbreaks and produce analyses.
  • Evaluate forecasts and other analytic products produced during an outbreak to assess performance and advance the state of the science.
  • Establish and maintain a data and analytics technology architecture.
  • Collaborate with federal, state and local leaders to support decision-making.

Share timely information with the federal government, state and local leaders, and the public.

  • Translate and communicate forecasts and analyses.
  • Maintain a network to engage decision makers, including public sector, private sector, and civil society.

Advance research and development priorities to improve the performance of outbreak forecasts and analyses.

  • Identify, assess, and enhance foundational data sources and studies in collaboration with public, private, and academic partners.
  • Support the development of accurate, timely, and useful forecasts and analyses.
  • Establish a network of test beds among state and local jurisdictions to design, build, and test novel analytics and data sources.
  • Advance communication and visualization capabilities.
Page last reviewed: September 21, 2022