Real Stories of the Dangers of Raw Milk

Julie Riggs

Julie Riggs and her family live in a small town in Missouri. Her husband and daughter couldn’t tolerate cow’s milk, so the family decided to try raw goat’s milk from a local farmer. In this video, Julie describes what happened to her daughter and husband.


Mary McGonigle-Martin

Mary McGonigle-Martin, from California, is the kind of mom who does her homework. Searching for a healthier way to provide dairy for her 7-year-old son, she considered raw milk. In this video, Mary describes what happened after her son drank contaminated raw milk.


Kalee Prue

Kalee Prue is a health-conscious, single mom from Connecticut, who enjoyed being active. Kalee had trouble digesting lactose and read that drinking raw milk would help her digest dairy better. A few days after finishing the milk, Kalee began to get sick. In this video, Kalee tells her story.