SEDRIC: System for Enteric Disease Response, Investigation, and Coordination

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Sharing Data in Real Time to Solve Outbreaks Faster

Rapid, coordinated response to multistate outbreaks of foodborne and animal-related disease can prevent illness and save lives. Such responses require close collaboration, communication, and data sharing among local, state, and federal health and regulatory officials.

Since 2011, CDC has worked with a private sector partner to develop a commercial, off-the-shelf, web-based system to streamline and coordinate outbreak investigations.

The System for Enteric Disease Response, Investigation, and Coordination, or SEDRIC, lets disease detectives in many different locations work together faster and more effectively when responding to foodborne and animal-related outbreaks. The secure, web-based platform combines epidemiologic, laboratory, and traceback data in real time to make collaboration easier when investigating information from different sources. Detecting and solving outbreaks faster leads to fewer illnesses and deaths.

Beyond enteric disease: The SEDRIC platform is providing a model for data integration systems for other groups at CDC involved in outbreak response.

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