CDC and Food Safety Newsletter

Updated February 23, 2021

Foodborne Outbreak Alerts Get a New Look

CDC recently updated the way foodborne outbreaks are displayed on our website. You will find “Fast Facts” at the top of the page, simplified advice on what you and businesses should do, and buttons that take you to interactive maps and illness timelines. Detailed outbreak information is now found on the Investigation Details page.

These changes are a result of consumer feedback obtained through a focus group project in 2019. The focus groups showed that people wanted shorter page titles, information that was easier to understand, and the ability to quickly share outbreaks on social media. The new layout was optimized for viewing on mobile devices and includes a social media description tag for easy sharing. Check out the new look on a current outbreak alert for Listeria infections linked to Hispanic-style fresh and soft cheeses.

New Botulism Treatment Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Banner for Preparing and Administrating Heptavalent Antitoxin for the Treatment of Botulism

CDC produced a new video to guide healthcare professionals through preparing and administering antitoxin to treat botulism. The video also answers some questions often asked during clinical consultations with CDC. As a companion to the antitoxin’s Food and Drug Administration package insert, the video can prepare patient care teams to act when the antitoxin arrives. If a large botulism outbreak occurs, public health officials and first responders may also turn to the video for guidance.

There is also a new page on CDC’s botulism website that guides healthcare providers on what to do if a patient has signs and symptoms of infant botulism. The webpage, Infant Botulism: Information for Clinicians, includes detailed information on case consultation, treatment, diagnostic testing, reporting, and more. This information is also available as a printable PDF pdf icon[2 Pages].

Botulism is a serious illness caused by a toxin that attacks the body’s nerves. It can cause difficulty breathing, muscle paralysis, and even death. Because botulism is rare, many healthcare professionals may have never treated a case. Fast action is needed to save lives.

New Summary of Investigations of Possible Multistate Enteric Disease Outbreaks

CDC’s first pilot annual summary of investigations of possible multistate enteric (intestinal) disease outbreaks is now available. This new summary includes information about possible multistate outbreaks of Listeria, Salmonella, and E. coli from 2016, including how CDC investigates multistate outbreaks and the major outbreaks identified in 2016. Click here to see the highlights, read the MMWR report, and see the data visualized in charts.

Consumer Food Safety Education Conference

Earn up to 16 entry-level Commission for Health Education (CHEC) credentials or CEUSexternal icon from seven additional organizations by attending the Consumer Food Safety Education Virtual Conferenceexternal icon (CFSEC21) March 10–12. The program includes a Federal leadership panel on food safety, trend data on food purchases and food delivery, and acclaimed generational researcher and author, Jason Dorseyexternal icon. CFSEC21external icon is the only US-based event developed by, for and about food safety educators. Whatever your role in preventive health, you’ll gain new insights and make valuable professional connections.