Activity Areas

CDC’s Integrated Food Safety Centers of Excellence (Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, and Tennessee) focus their activities on four areas:

Illustration of two arms arm wrestling representing Strengthen and Improve
  1. Strengthen & Improve foodborne illness surveillance, outbreak investigations, and information systems in other jurisdictions by providing consultations, developing tools/resources, and offering general assistance
Illustration of a human head with a red gear inside and red arrow aiming upwards representing Evaluate and Analyze
  1. Evaluate & Analyze the timeliness and effectiveness of foodborne illness surveillance and outbreak response and perform program evaluation, quality improvement, and/or other special projects
Illustration of a person standing in front of a classroom full of people teaching representing Train and Educate
  1. Train & Educate students and public health personnel in laboratory, epidemiological, and environmental investigation of foodborne illness
Illustration of a elvelope with a red letter inside representing Disseminate and Communicate
  1. Disseminate & Communicate information about available tools and resources for food safety and foodborne illness surveillance and outbreak response to local, state, and federal public health officials and other stakeholders