CDC Survey

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You may have received a telephone call or letter in the mail inviting you to take part in the CDC survey about foods, activities, and health.

This page is designed to help answer questions you may have about the survey and your participation.

Questions and Answers

This survey is conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), working with state and local health officials and a consulting firm. The OMB number for this survey is 0920-1112. CDC is the nation’s health protection agency and works to save lives and protect people from health threats.

The survey is gathering information on foods, activities, and health in the United States. Results from the survey will provide important information about foodborne illness in the United States, such as how many people get a foodborne illness, how many of those people get medical care for that illness, and the number of people who participate in certain activities or eat certain foods that may put them at risk for foodborne disease. That information will help CDC, other federal agencies, and state and local health officials take steps to make our food safer and prevent foodborne illness.

You will be asked questions about foods you’ve eaten, activities you’ve done, and your health.

The survey will take about 20 minutes to complete.

Your telephone number or address was randomly selected from telephone numbers and addresses in the survey area. Your telephone number or address will not be saved with your answers.

Yes, your answers will be kept private. Because your name and personal information will not be saved with your answers, your answers cannot be linked back to you. For more information about privacy and your rights as a participant, call the 24-hour survey help line at 1-844-604-4396 (toll free).

Still have questions?

Contact the 24-hour CDC Survey help line at 1-844-604-4396 (toll free).