SEDRIC Data Views and Tools

At a glance

Explore the different data views and tools when using SEDRIC!

This image shows the SEDRIC logo.

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Home screen

Navigate to multiple search features or select a tool to use

  • Welcome screen where buttons for views and tools can be found
  • Contact user support
  • User documents available
snapshot of sedric homepage layout
SEDRIC homepage

Explore and update outbreaks

Searchable information for events, from outbreak codes to NORS outbreaks to Outbreak Management System entries

  • Look at lists and dashboards of information on events
  • Search across outbreaks
  • Important documents and questionnaires housed in a single location
  • Link to NORS
E coli outbreak view within SEDRIC
Outbreak view

Explore and update isolates

Line list views, searchable isolate information, dashboards, and mapping

  • Look at line list views and dashboards of isolate information
  • Answer standard and ad hoc questions
  • Store important documents and questionnaires in a single location
  • Link to NHGQ data
  • Bulk upload of isolates, through a specialized tool
snapshot of isolate view screen
Update an isolate
snapshot of bulk isolate upload screen
Bulk isolate upload

Object explorer

All searchable data for filtering, viewing, sorting, and summary statistics

  • Search for anything available in the system
  • Filter, map, sort, dashboards
snapshot of object explorer view
Object explorer
snapshot of bulk isolate upload view
Bulk isolate uploade


Overall views of NHGQ data, along with analyzable charts for each outbreak

  • Direct linkage to Epi Info Web Surveys, syncs every 2 hours
  • Searchable forms, vehicles, grocery stores
  • Easy view form attached to isolates
line list of NHGQ data in sedric
snapshot of NHGQ data in sedric

Testing results (NARMS)

Provides antimicrobial susceptibility results for both phenotypic and genotypic testing

  • Direct linkage to NARMS, syncs every 2 hours from both phenotypic and predicted genotypic testing
  • Searchable resistance patterns and drugs
  • Easy view form attached to isolates
snapshot of narms drugs
NARMS resistance
narms resistance profile for an isolate
NARMS resistance profile

NORS outbreak

Provides read-only information on NORS reports and allows searching across the NORS dataset

  • All finalized reports now available
  • Searchable from object explorer
  • Full report attached to corresponding outbreaks
NORS outbreaks view
NORS outbreak entry form

Tools: cluster detection

  • Enables users to set easy parameters to find clusters of isolates based on allele codes
  • Provides exportable listing of isolates for line list generation
snapshot of cluster view in sedric
Cluster view
snapshot of cluster view in sedric
Cluster View

Tools: allele code/PFGE pattern crosswalk

  • Provides a quick comparison of PFGE patterns under an allele code
  • Provides a quick comparison of allele codes under a PFGE pattern (or pattern combination)
Allele code/PFGE snapshot
Allele code/PFGE
Allele code/PFGE snapshot
Allele code/PFGE

Tools: pathogen predictor

  • Enter percentage of patients with certain symptoms, get back predicted pathogens to help figure out what testing may need completed
Pathogen predictor view
Pathogen predictor

Tools: text analysis

  • Copy and paste, or type, text to get bar charts of word counts
  • Word clouds also available
  • Can remove common words from the analysis
text analysis view
Text analysis
Word cloud displaying chicken as the largest word
Word cloud

Tools: FoodNet calculator

  • Use the binomial calculation against the static 2006-2007 FoodNet Population Survey dataset to determine statistical significance of a hypothesized vehicle
Foodnet calculator view
Foodnet calculator