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Resources for Public Health Partners and Professionals

CDC’s Division of Oral Health provides technical assistance to state public health programs. This includes support to state programs overseeing community water fluoridation, training managers of state fluoridation programs, and maintaining the Water Fluoridation Reporting System, an online tool, that state fluoridation managers can use to assure program quality. The division also can help with responses to public health questions on community water fluoridation. In addition, the division provides resources to partners and communities and links to resources from other federal government agencies, state programs, and professional organizations and associations. For more information, contact

Partner and Community Resources

These resources were developed to help partners communicate with their members and constituents. Each is downloadable and printable for electronic posting or distribution.

Building Blocks

Water With Fluoride

Building Blocks highlights the importance of fluoridated water as part of a simple strategy for caring for your teeth. 
Poster: [PDF–200K]

Letter: [PDF-1M]

Tabloid: [PDF-1M]

Meet John & Joe (2 versions)

Meet John & Joe cover

Meet John & Joe recognizes how communities benefit from water fluoridation. 
Poster: [PDF–3M]











Meet John and Joe, second option
 Alternate image: [PDF–3M]

How Fluoride Works

How Fluoride WorksHow Fluoride Works shows how fluoride protects the teeth and mouth. 
Poster: [PDF–1M]

Smile, Because You Can

Smile, Because You Can

Smile, Because You Can highlights the history of water fluoridation to improve oral health. 
Poster: [PDF–1M]

Letter: [PDF-1M]

Tabloid: [PDF-1M]


We Support 70 Years - Community Water Fluoridation

Additional Resources

U.S. Federal Government Agencies
• National Cancer Institute's Fluoridated Water: Questions and Answers
• National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research's Water Fluoridation
• Environmental Protection Agency’s Basic Information about Fluoride in Drinking Water
State Health Programs
• Arkansas Department of Health's Oral Health in Arkansas: A Fact Sheet [PDF–237KB]
• Florida Department of Health's Policy Statement on Community Water Fluoridation [PDF-20KB]
• Iowa Department of Public Health's Benefits of Fluoride
• Maine Department of Health and Human Services' summary of Water Fluoridation
• Minnesota Department of Health's Community Fluoridation Grant Frequently Asked Questions
• Mississippi Department of Health's Fluoride Topics
• New York State Department of Health: Water Fluoridation: Why Oral Health is a Public Issue
• North Carolina Position Statement from the Office of the State Health Director [PDF-33KB]
• Oregon Health Authority: Water Fluoridation
• Wisconsin's Public Water Supply Fluoridation Census [PDF–72KB]
Non-Governmental Organizations
• American Academy of Family Physicians' Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies
• American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Policy on Use of Fluoride [PDF-114KB]
• American Academy of Pediatrics’ Recommendations for Using Fluoride to Prevent and Control Dental Caries in the United States
• American Dental Association's Fluoridation Facts [PDF-1.19MB]
• American Dental Association's Fluoride & Fluoridation
• American Dental Hygienists’ Association's Fluoride Facts [PDF-69KB]
• American Dietetic Association's The Impact of Fluoride on Health
• American Heart Association's Minerals, Inorganic Substances
• American Water Works Association's Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies
• Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors’ Fluoridation and Fluorides
• Campaign for Dental Health’s
• Children’s Dental Health Campaign’s Fluoride & Fluoridation
• Children's Dental Health Campaign's Fluoride Legislative User Information Database (FLUID) .
• The Center for Fluoride Research Analysis Fluoridation: What the Science Really Says
• Australian Dental Association's Fluoride: Smile, It's Natural
British Fluoridation Society
• FDI World Dental Federation's Promoting Dental Health Through Water Fluoridation [PDF-20KB]
• World Health Organization's Water Fluoridation