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Flu Vaccination Digital Ambassadors Create Flu Prevention Dialogue through Multi-Day Facebook Forums

CDC co-hosted three multi-day Facebook Forums with three Flu Vaccination Digital Ambassadors during the 2014-2015 flu season, in an effort to address consumers’ flu questions directly. A Place for Mom, Vaccinate Your Baby (the Facebook page of Every Child By Two and Shot of Prevention), and LIVESTRONG were the digital ambassadors who co-hosted these events. Together, the Forums generated 270 questions and comments, 1,540 likes, and 528 shares via 17 posts on the partnering hosts’ Facebook page timelines.

Forum posts not only provided vital flu prevention information, but also invited the public to ask questions. CDC’s Influenza Division provided responses that hosts shared with participants, thus creating a real-time dialogue with a large consumer audience. The longer lifespan of a Facebook post versus a message on Twitter also enabled users to revisit conversations and continue a dialogue across multiple posts throughout the Forum.

The three Forum hosts have a combined Facebook following of more than 1.8 million people (as of April 2015). Each reaches an audience at high risk for serious flu complications, including older adults (65+) and their caregivers; pregnant women and caregivers of young children; and cancer patients and survivors. Hosts promoted their Forums on other social media platforms and blogs, and flu vaccination partners joined in the promotion and discussion too—even jumping in to address participant questions themselves.

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