Resources for Hispanic/Latino Communities

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Campaign Resources for Hispanics/Latinos are available in both Spanish and English for the general public, partners, and organizations.

Campaign Resources Sell Sheet

Campaign Resources Sell Sheet


FREE CAMPAIGN RESOURCES for the general public, partners, and organizations to download in Spanish and English.

Hispanic Motion Comic Book: Un Amor Perdido (A Lost Love)

Un Amor PerdidoUn Amor Perdido (A Lost Love)External [Streaming, 8 min 49 sec]
A Spanish language motion comic book based on a true story of a Hispanic couple expecting their second child. The story of Jorge and Monica is a tragic reminder of the importance of annual flu vaccination for pregnant women and their families. Share this motion comic book with your friends and loved ones to encourage them to protect themselves and the people around them from the flu.Also available for download in broadcast quality.