I Get It!

Share the reason you get your flu vaccine.

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Need more resources to promote flu vaccination? See our digital media toolkit.

Encourage your followers on social media to get their annual flu vaccine by featuring photos of yourself and others in your community getting a flu vaccine or showing off a bandage after getting a flu vaccine.

This social media toolkit includes customizable graphic frames for you to add your picture, sample social media messages, and social media graphics to encourage members of your community share the reason why they get their flu vaccine with the hashtag #IGetIt.

I Get It Frames

Use one of the frames below to insert your own picture into our I Get It graphics. Instructions for using our PowerPoint frames here pdf icon[PDF – 114 KB].

Download Social Media Frames

Download the social media files below or the I Get It PowerPoint Deck ppt icon[PPT – 1 MB] and add your own photo to share on social .

Sample Social Post

  • I get a flu vaccine to protect [insert reason you get vaccinated]. Get your flu vaccine this season to protect against flu! I get it #FightFlu cdc.gov/flu
  • Need a reason to get your flu vaccine? Get vaccinated to protect yourself, your family, and your community from flu! I Get It to #FightFlu cdc.gov/flu
  • Why do you get your flu vaccine? Share your own #IGetIt reason to get a flu vaccine. Share a post to encourage others to get vaccinated this flu season. #FightFlu cdc.gov/flu/resource-center/I-get-it

Download Social Stories Panels

Download the social media files below or the I Get It PowerPoint Deck ppt icon[PPT – 2 MB] and add your own reason for getting your seasonal flu vaccine then share on social media.

How to use the panels on your social media channels:

  • Download template to your mobile device
  • Open Instagram and select the blue “+” button on your profile icon at the top left
  • Select the white-highlighted square at the bottom left to access the template from your mobile photo gallery
  • To customize the blank area, select the “Aa” icon at the top right to type out a word or phrase
  • Post to your Instagram Story

Note: Encourage your followers to respond to your story by posting the second template for them to screenshot and edit themselves!

Additional Social Media Graphics

Additional graphics available for use on social media.