Antiviral Drug Supply

CDC is in regular contact with influenza antiviral manufacturers regarding supply and other issues. There are currently no major market shortages of antiviral drugs for treatment of influenza being reported.

In the case of antiviral spot shortages patients and pharmacies should be aware of the following:

  • Individual patients seeking to fill an influenza antiviral prescription may want to call ahead to make sure their pharmacy has product on the shelf to fill their prescription. Patients also can visit www.MedFinder.orgexternal icon to find pharmacies reporting to have antiviral drugs in stock. Pharmacies and others attempting to make bulk purchases of influenza antiviral drugs may need to call more than one distributor or manufacturer to locate medications available for purchase in situations of higher than expected need. CDC’s antiviral drug supply web page is updated with manufacturer information for inquires related to direct antiviral purchases/availability.
  • When commercially-manufactured liquid suspension formulation is not readily available, pharmacists may compound an oral suspension from oseltamivir 75mg capsules as described in the FDA-approved manufacturer package insertsexternal iconexternal iconas an alternative.

CDC will update this page as needed with respect to influenza antiviral supply this season.

Manufacturer Contact Information for Bulk Purchases


The following manufacturers have provided their contact information for inquiries related to product availability:


  • Generic:
  • Brand:
    • Genentech Customer Service Center
      1 (800) 551-2231


  • GlaxoSmithKline Customer Service Center
    1 (800) 877-1158


  • Genentech Customer Service Center
    1 (800) 551-2231