H5N1 Bird Flu: Current Situation Summary

Updated June 10, 2024

  • H5 bird flu is widespread in wild birds worldwide and is causing outbreaks in poultry and U.S. dairy cows with several cases of H5 in U.S. dairy workers.
  • While the current public health risk is low, CDC is watching the situation carefully and working with states to monitor people with animal exposures.
  • CDC is using its flu surveillance systems to monitor for H5N1 activity in people.
H5N1 Detections in USA
  • Total Reported Human Cases in the United States: 4 (since 2022)
    • 3 following exposure to dairy cows (reported between 4/01/2024 and 5/29/2024 | Full Report >
    • 1 following exposure to poultry (reported on 4/28/2022) | Full Report >
  • States with Reported Case(s): 3

This webpage will be updated daily, Monday through Friday, after 4 p.m. to reflect any new data.

Cumulative data on wild birds have been collected since January 20, 2022. Cumulative data on poultry have been collected since February 8, 2022. Cumulative data on humans in the U.S. have been collected since April 28, 2022. Cumulative data on dairy cattle have been collected since March 25, 2024.

Protective Actions for People