Public Health Professionals

Interested in Enhancing Your Public Health Career?

If you have already started your career and are interested in gaining knowledge and skills related to public health or public health science, we offer several work experience and training opportunities.

Topic Description Open To Length/Salary Application Period
E-learning *The CDC E-learning Institute (ELI) is an online fellowship designed to cultivate skills of public health training professionals with limited experience designing or developing e-learning products. ELI offers access to CDC-developed materials and subject matter experts, as well as the opportunity to learn from peers in a positive, experiential environment. Public health professionals and university or hospital teaching professionals who are involved in public health and responsible for developing training products 6 Months, unpaid September/October
Laboratory Environmental Health Traineeship Program
Opportunities for hands on laboratory experiences focusing on technologies practices that benefit environmental public health.
Current full-time employees of APHL-member public health laboratories nominated by their laboratory director 2-6 Weeks Varies
Population Health Training in Place Program
Designed to strengthen the population health competencies of the public health workforce in the areas of program management and evaluation, policy development and analysis, and community health
Physicians and doctoral-level full time staff at CDC and other institutions 1 Year Mid-January to Late-February
To apply, send an email to
Emergency Response Public Health Emergency Management Fellowship (PHEM)
Fellows gain an understanding of the structure of a public health emergency management program and an understanding of how to manage and operate a public health Emergency Operations Center during steady state and in a response.
Master’s (MPH), doctorate (MD or PhD), or equivalent in public health or a related field
(only international students selected by their Ministry of Health may apply)
4 Months Contact: Karen Ossorio
Country Support Team Lead
Global Emergency Management Capacity Development Branch (proposed) Division of Emergency Operations

*Denotes fellowships offered in partnership with CDC