Technical Packages for Violence Prevention

Violence prevention packages

CDC’s Technical Packages for Violence Prevention: Helping States and Communities Prioritize Activities

CDC has developed technical packages to help states and communities prevent violence based on the best available evidence.

The suite of technical packages developed by the Division of Violence Prevention include:

Each package includes a select group of strategies to prevent violence from happening in the first place and to lessen the immediate and long-term harms of violence. The strategies can work in combination and reinforce each other. The technical packages describe the approaches to advance each strategy and the evidence behind them. They include strategies for broad public health impacts on violence and that reduce or buffer against risks for violence in relationships with peers, intimate partners, families, schools, and communities.

The technical packages can be used to guide and inform decision-making in states and communities. The aim is that multiple sectors, such as public health, education, local and state governments, social services, healthcare services, businesses, justice, housing, faith-based and other organizations will use these packages and join CDC in preventing violence.

CDC is also keeping track of the ways in which the technical packages are being disseminated, how they are being used to create awareness of the different types of violence and strategies to address them, and is tracking how they are being used to inform and effect change and reduce violence.

More Information

Learn more about how you can get started implementing the technical packages in your violence prevention work with CDC’s online resource Violence Prevention in Practice.

Page last reviewed: December 4, 2018