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TB Cases Reported as Diagnosed During Incarceration

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  Chart: TB Cases Reported as Diagnosed During Incarceration, by Type of Correctional Facility and Whether Patient is Under Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Custody, United States, 2012  

Figure 2: This chart shows the types of correctional facilities reported for persons who were residents of correctional facility at the time of TB diagnosis in 2012. Of the cases reported as a resident of a correctional facility at time of diagnosis in 2012, 141 were in a local jail, 91 were in another type of facility (such as juvenile detention, tribal jails, police lockups, military stockades, or federal park facilities), 77 were in state prison, and 71 were in federal prison. Of those in a local jail, 16 were under ICE custody; of those in another type of facility, 75 were under ICE custody; of those in state prison none were under ICE custody; and for those in federal prison, 36 were under ICE custody.