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CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP) recently launched CORIDOR (Collection of Online Resources & Inventory Database: Organized and Readily accessible). CORIDOR is an online portal designed to provide easy access to credible, evidence-based and practical chronic disease prevention tools and resources in one location.

CORIDOR is a seamless path for public health practitioners to access CDC and other current public health resources. The resources included are primarily practice-based and represent science and practice promoted by CDC and CDC funded partners to address chronic diseases. As an example, users can search CORIDOR to find health system resources that address cancer, diabetes, heart disease and risk factors in a single location.

Tools include model programs and practices, “how to” guides, toolkits, and other resources designed for a variety of audiences, from beginner to advanced. Many of the tools will help practitioners apply foundational skills and practices in areas such as community engagement, communication and messages, health equity, and sustainability. For example, CDC’s A Practitioner’s Guide for Advancing Health Equity: Community Strategies for Preventing Chronic Disease describes lessons learned and innovative ideas on how to maximize the effects of policy, systems, and environmental improvement strategies to reduce health disparities and advance health equity.

CORIDOR currently has about 300 resources available, with more planned for the future.

The site is available to everyone without passwords or special permissions and users can explore the site’s breadth of resources or conduct targeted searches using filters (e.g., populations, conditions, domains) and keyword searches.

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